Cara is a much loved and sought-after workshop instructor, leading classes for communities, music camps, schools and festivals. She has a deep love for helping others, particularly adults and teens, tap into their own creativity.  Classes/workshops include Harmony Singing, Clawhammer Banjo, Intermediate Guitar (beyond the basics), Ensemble Performance (how to play in a group/band, the most well-known one being School of Rock for Folkies), Songwriting, and Performance & Stagecraft Techniques.  Some of the camps she has taught at include Puget Sound Guitar Workshop (PSGW), Foothills Acoustic Music Institute (FAMI), Moab Folk Camp, The Woods Music Camp, Kenosee Lake Kitchen Party (KLKP), Colorado Roots Music Camp, Planet Bluegrass Song School, Goderich Celtic College, Winnipeg Folk Fest Music Camp, and the Sisters Folk Fest Song School. Her diverse skill-set make her a welcome addition to any festival or community program.  She is beginning to develop her own regional music camp and weekend workshops, as well as venturing into leading music travel groups.  More info coming soon!   If you are interested in participating in a workshop/camp or would like Cara to come facilitate a class in your own region, please visit the CONTACT page to reach out to Cara and her team directly.  

Testimonials/Participant Endorsements 
“It took me about five minutes to realize your Folk/Rock class would be nothing but 100% awesome!  Thanks for your wonderfully infectious energy and your great teaching.  I came into the class not knowing the difference between melody and harmony, and not really having sung since I was 12.  You created an environment that had me enthusiastically singing my heart out on stage.  Thank you for that amazing gift.  You completely rock!” – Jeff, Class Participant

“Cara Luft was FANTASTIC!  I had the great pleasure of being a student in her folk rock ensemble class and it was the most musical fun I have had in a long long time.  She has a great way of incorporating learning, both technical musical skills and performance skills, into the class activities without it being onerous.   She was also very good at ensuring the entire class was engaged.  Incidentally, it was so easy to work with Cara, and so much fun being a part of her musical world, that I offered to host a house concert for her following the camp.  Again, an absolute professional and a very very happy audience.  If one should be so lucky as to have a musician such as Cara as part of an event or learning opportunity, they would be foolish not to snap her up!” – Sheri Brake, Instructor Liaison, Foothills Acoustic Music Institute

“Cara led our group through a number of activities that stimulated the creative writing process in a way that was engaging and practical. It didn’t matter what experience in song-crafting people came to the workshop with, or what their motivation for being there was, Cara made everyone feel welcome. She encouraged participation and sharing in a way that let each person commit according to his or her comfort zone, but equally challenged each one to take a risk in either creating material, discovering new means to aid the process, or performing in front of a group. We saw music as an art-form from start to finish during the course of one day: from theories of writing, to practical tools, to collaboration, to shaping a song, to performance. And we laughed the whole way through! What a super way to spend a day immersed in music, no matter what your level of mastery in song writing may be.” – Katy Lucas-Buckland, Workshop Participant

“Wow!  What a pleasure it was to take your class!  You have an amazing energy about you that adds so much to your teaching.  What a huge inspiration you’ve been on my guitar playing.  Rock on!” – Joe, Class Participant

“Thanks so much for your energy and encouragement in the Folk/Rock class.  You gathered a group of widely ranging skill levels and found a way to not only include but celebrate all of us! What a great class!” – Mark, Class Participant

“I’m quite sure that I’ve never had an instructor in anything, anywhere, with as much enthusiasm and energy as you have.  It’s so easy for me to fall into working on guitar and forgetting to have fun.  More than anything else, you reminded me what this (playing and singing) is all about.  Thank you so much!” – Chris, Class Participant

"Cara did such a fabulous job at the May FAMI camp…  I have known the Luft family for years and am well aware of the musical impact they have made to the community.  Cara is getting a good international reputation and is well deserving of this.” – Don Gowan, FAMI Camp Instructor

“Your infectious enthusiasm, off-the-chart skills, and ability to help me break new ground in my music education…. wow!  Thanks for the great week.” – Matt, Class Participant

“You’re a veritable dynamo; you could power a whole city with your energy!” – Fellow PSGW Instructor

“The rock band I’m in is nowhere near as fun as this class was!  I’m excited to go home with my new rock attitude.  I’m always a product of my environment and I love being around people like you.  You make me and everyone else feel great!  Thank you so much, I needed a dose of that!” – Marcus, Class Participant

School of Rock at FAMI

Harmony Singing at Goderich

Banjo Madness at CRMC

School of Rock Moab

Harmony PSGW

School of Rock at PSGW

Harmony Moab

Banjo KLKP