Winter Tours, an Early Spring, & the NEW ALBUM! 0

Album Launch Party for Winnipeg!

Socks after my own heart in Victoria, BC

Wow, what a wonderfully exhausting past 3 months it has been. I found myself driving more than I have in quite some time, playing for brand new audiences, finally dipping down into the States for some shows after a long absence, and then finalizing all the details for the new album. I am excited to say that the CD (named “Darlingford”) will be released to the public in Canada and Europe in May, but there are a few special pre-release concerts I’ll be doing where folks can pick up a copy — Winnipeg, Darlingford, Cranbrook, Kelowna, Vernon and Calgary. And for all you Indie Music Angels, your signed pre-release copies will be coming to you verrrrry soon! In the meantime expect a digital copy to appear in your inbox 🙂

Rogers Pass

I’m home for a few weeks, then out West, then overseas for some shows in Germany and a whole whack of shows in the UK. I can’t wait! The fall will see me back touring in North America in support of the new record.

Thanks to all the amazing hosts on this past tour, to new fans who came out to the shows… Wishing you all peace, hope and enough moisture for crops and gardens —

Love Cara