The snow is melting, the river is rising, the flood is coming… 2

It’s April and Winnipeg is experiencing quite the transformation. My snow-covered front lawn has suddenly turned to brown grass, the boulevard is covered with sand left over from the snow-plows, and I have a small lake in my back yard. The river rose 2 meters today and continues to rise. Local high schools put their students to work filling sand bags… Spring is definitely here!

I’m gearing up to head West for a wee Spring Teaser Tour where I’ll be showcasing the material from the upcoming new album. I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve received from fans far and wide, so many of you have pre-ordered a copy of the album and that money has gone directly towards the recording budget. There’s still time to be part of this new album as an Indie Music Angel! 🙂 Check out the video posted above, or click on the link just over to the right. Better yet, come on out to a live show and pre-order a copy in person, and I’ll give you a hug and a nifty 3 song sampler CD to say thanks!

Is spring here yet?

I’ll sign off with a funny picture of myself, taken by my lovely roomie (who of course didn’t tell me I was her photo subject). Here I am working at home, and apparently I’m not convinced that it was indeed the right time to turn off the furnace… Maybe I ought to wait a few more weeks. hee hee 🙂


Thanks again for all your support. With love, peace and light –