Summer 2010 0

It’s been quite the journey these past few months. I’ve experienced some pretty traumatic events, but I’m breathing and trucking along and am surrounded by amazing friends. And, truth be told, out of tragedy comes great beauty. Songs are flowing right alongside the tears, my guitar and banjo are giving me great comfort. The best thing to come out of all of the recent pain is that the new album is moving ahead. It’s going to be raw, stripped down, honest, heartfelt… I have excellent musical friends lined up to play, amazing engineers on board, great new songs… I am excited to share this album with you.

As with my CD projects in the past, I am inviting friends and fans to become Charter Subscribers (a.k.a. Indie Music Angels). This financing model allows independent artists to garner funds ahead of time rather than going into debt (or indentured service to the bank or big music) and trying to play catch-up later. It’s much like the community share approach some local and organic farmers have turned to, with the shares in culture rather than agriculture. Once again, I am asking you, the fans and friends, to invest in my creative endeavor. There are a number of components to making an album: writing, producing and recording being the first half (delivering the baby) and marketing and promotion the second half (feeding and raising the baby). When you become a Charter Subscriber, you become part of the village raising the child.

I have set up a Charter Subscriber account with a group called Kapipal, which is a site that essentially makes it easier for Indie Music Angels to support the CD project through online contributions. There are several sites and organizations that offer this service, however all of them take a percentage and charge a fee. Kapipal is the only one that doesn’t and I’ve only heard positive feedback from other artists about them. Here is the link:

If you decide to become an Indie Music Angel, online contributions are done through PayPal, which allows secure payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal is required to receive money, and so I have a business PayPal account. However, PayPal is not required to send money: a Contributor just needs a credit card or other valid type of PayPal payment.

The amount I am aiming to raise via Kapipal represents 1/2 of the total budget (recording, mixing, mastering, marketing & promotion). Between loans, savings, pre-orders, charter subscribers and indie music angels I hope to reach my budget. I hope to be able to raise half of the needed budget (50%) through this charter subscription model. If you would prefer a hard-copy of the pre-order form, please email me & and I can send one to you. And please feel free to forward this to any one who may be interested in supporting independent folk/roots music.

Thank you for reading, and for considering becoming an Indie Music Angel! Regardless of whether or not you are able to offer financial assistance, your support and encouragement continue to mean the world to me, and I want to thank you for that. You’ve listened to my songs, you’ve bought my records, you’ve come to my concerts, you’ve made my music career possible. You are part of why the hard work, sweat, and tears are worth it; you are part of the web the universe weaves through music.

With a grateful heart and much love,