Summer 2005 0

Hi friends Long time since I wrote last! Here’s a fun shot of me with my trusty traveling companion, Little Pinky. Thanks Jake Chenier for the photo!

This summer so far has been crazy, in good and not so good ways. At the end of July, en route to Calgary, I hit a large buck and totaled my van. The inspector who came to look at my vehicle said it was the most damage he’s seen on a van like mine, and that I was incredibly lucky to be safe and unhurt. Pretty amazing I guess… Puts a new spin on living life to its fullest. We are so fragile, things can change in an instant. I’m very thankful to be carrying on! So now I am shopping for a new touring vehicle and am finding the process pretty draining (dealing with over-bearing salesmen is annoying) but I’m trusting I’ll find something that will do the job and continue to keep me safe.

Some sad news. Brother Roger from the Taize community in France was murdered recently. My heart aches, he was such an incredible person. I’ve spent time at Taize on two separate occasions… there’s no place quite like it. Highlights of the summer so far:

– staying up all night watching the sun rise at North Country Fair (around solstice) while listening to Po Girl.
– playing with my friends Bill and Donovan at the Winnipeg Folk Fest (they rock!). Also meeting and having a nice visit with Buddy Miller.
– driving the Highway to the Sun in Glacier National Park (Montana)… stunning!
– hanging out with good friends, eating good food and playing good music at Mayook Mania near Cranbrook. I was asked to “sit in” on electric with a punk/ska/rock band. Totally fun!
– being surrounded by loving friends after my accident.
– riding the Ferris Wheel with Gina at the Gimli Music Festival. wheee!
– riding my bike home in a torrential rain storm that same weekend… scary but exhilarating!
– swimming at Kalamalka Lake in Vernon, my FAVOURITE lake EVER! Beautiful, clear aqua-coloured lake… it doesn’t get any better!
– playing frisbee with Don Bray and his daughter at the Trout Forest Music Festival (one the best small festivals I’ve ever been at). Having Ken Whitely and Brian Koabyacowa sit in with me during my set. Ken then baking cookies for everyone on Sunday night. Driving back home on Monday and stopping to jam on a dock in Kenora with Dan Frechette and his girlfriend Hayley. I’m certain folks at the lake have never been so well entertained! 🙂

This fall I’ll be doing some shows in BC with my dear friends As The Crow Flies. Looking forward to it! Come on out and catch a show!

Peace, hope and safety to you all! 🙂

Love Cara