One month closer to spring… and closer to finishing the new album! 0

Welcome to all of you who haven’t yet seen this brand spankin’ new website! Start by checking out the fun-formative video my friend Alex and I made about the new album (right above here)…  Also check out the previous post, there were some really great folks involved in getting this new website off the ground.  Speaking of the ground, the Peg is still covered in snow, and in a few days the temp will drop back down to -20.  Ah, what a winter we’re having.

Recording in a 100 year old church

The new album is coming along, and it’s sounding sooooo beautiful.  My trusty engineer Lloyd Peterson and I have been comping and editing away, we have so many guest musicians involved from all over the place, it has been such a treat.  Here’s a photo of where we’ve been doing a lot of the recording.  Quite the vibe!  🙂

More info to come about the new album, including a super cool video made by my friend Alex in Calgary!  We’ll be getting it up online this week.  yay!

Thank you again for all your support!

Love, light and hope –