Oct 2008 0

This year’s WCMA weekend just ended, and singing with the Sojourners during the awards ceremony on Sunday evening was a highlight!

I also played with the inimitable David Taylor and the indefagitable Hugh McMillan at an after hours showcase on Saturday night, which was a major blast. Steve Dawson graced the stage for the first number, sitting in on gnarly slide, and the tech crew at The Artery was fast and efficient, a throw and go setup in 10 minutes, yee haw!

September saw me and my guitars tooling across some of the NW states, spreading the Light as it were. I’ll write more about that soon. At the moment I’m headed back to the Peg to put together more trad songs and fun stories for my first “headline” tour of some UK folk clubs and venues. Hugh’s going to play with me on this tour, he’s played many of these clubs over the years with James Keelaghan, so it will be fun to take him back there.

That’s all for now,

Peace and Light