Oct 2005 0

Hello friends!

Wow, what a weekend. I have never been to so many thanksgiving dinners in my life! Four in total if you can believe it (one vegetarian, the rest TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY and stuffing and cranberries and all that good stuff). So wonderful to share great food with close friends.

The Meinders’ clan was probably the highlight — the dinner conversation covered everything from Swiss farming techniques to old Dutch folk songs about lovers kissing under old trees. Then came the sing-a-long. Someone went and found me a guitar and we sang whatever song came to mind (we’re talking EVERY kind of song) and it didn’t seem to matter if no one actually knew the lyrics, or if I didn’t know how to play it… it was just fun and loud and fun. 🙂

It is good to be home for awhile. I was home for all of 48 hours in Sept, so it is now time for a break. I head to Vancouver next week for the WCMAs so the real break will have to wait til I return. I’ve been thinking of looking into cheap flights/specials to somewhere relaxing, where I don’t have to do a thing, and just sit for awhile, and re-coup. If you have any ideas, I’m all ears!

The fall was crazy: new car, then zipping off on tour in BC with the most wonderful As The Crow Flies (I love them!), then zipping home for my 48 hour stop, then off to Ontario for a wedding and a tour. Highlights:

– having Mike and Anie join me on stage while we were out west
– seeing some familiar faces from when I was at the Goderich Celtic College last year
– visiting and staying with good friends (Tannis and Lewis, Jake, Larry, Sara Hiebert in suburbia)
– the outdoor lawn concert around the campfire at Lynne and Grant Mcilvride-Evans’ (with lights provided by the ever so prepared Greg King), dairy cows in the background
– the STUNNING fall drive from Sudbury to Wawa, and then on to Thunder Bay. wow.
– playing in Wawa — well, actually right on Lake Superior, with the waves crashing and a bunch of surfers in the audience. One of the most spectacular places I’ve seen
– Thunder Bay. You have found your way into my heart! A GREAT sold out concert (put on by the magnificent duo of Carl and Ken), staying with the Simpsons (incredible folks), going for a long bike-ride, eating Finnish pancakes at the Hioto (sp?)

Thank you to all of you who have been so supportive these past months. I am lucky to share my gift of music with people like you!

peace out –