My Birthday! 0

Hi everyone! It’s May 27, the day of my birth! Yippeee! Thought I’d write and let
you all know how the tour is coming (and to show off a lovely photo of me with my favorite Border Collie Smee! I want to steal him! Here are some highlights of the tour so far: – asking a waitress in Winona, MN what kind of tea they carry; she said “hot tea and iced tea.” I asked what kind of hot tea and she looked a bit confused… she brought the package out and sure enough it just said “hot tea”!!! weird…
– watching the sunset in Wilcox, SK
– playing “21” with Dean Clark in Cochrane (tearing up the court! hee hee!), then eating homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce and watching “Napoleon Dynamite.” What a fun evening!
– playing in Lumsden, SK and ROCKING OUT with the crowd! “Give it Up” has never seen an audience like Lumsden! You guys ROCK!
– playing a nice intimate show in Saskatoon (that the lovely Eileen Laverty helped set up) and having a bachelor party of 30 young guys walk in, all ready to party and do shooters… and what song did I sing them? You got it… GIVE IT UP! ha ha! It was GREAT! Not really my target market but they got into it! 🙂
– bottle-feeding baby lambs at my friend’s farm in Saskatchewan!!! I LOVE lambs! They kept head-butting my butt…. hmmmm … We also made homemade ice cream (the old fashioned way) and somehow salt got into it… I was very thirsty after that. heeeh.
– riding my bike along the River Valley in Edmonton.
– playing at Dooger’s farm just outside Cranbrook amidst a rainstorm and having guys race around in their trucks trying to put up a tarp in the middle of the set. It was quite the show! hee hee! STUNNING area!
– taking Smee to the Cranbrook Community Forest and watching him run like mad! Did I mention that I LOVE Border Collies?!?
– doing a house concert in Salmon Arm, outside on someone’s lawn. It was gorgeous (and very very large)! I felt like I had walked onto the set of Dallas! 🙂