May 2008 0

Wow, it’s the May long-weekend already. I’m relieved that spring is here, winter has a way of hanging on just a tad too long. My bike is all tuned up, the trees are finally starting to bud, and the neighbours’ tulips are out. I’ll soon be in the land of tulips — I’m off to Holland for a tour in just over a week! It’s very exciting! A huge thank you to the fine folks at Rounder Europe who have worked so hard to bring us over. We’ll be doing some “Cara with Hugh” shows as well as opening for American artist Caroline Herring. Should be much fun! Hmmm… already dreaming about bike riding…. 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about living in a city, and living in a central neighbourhoods. I’ve discovered that I can pretty much walk or ride everywhere I need to go, whether the library or the grocery store. Becoming less reliant on a vehicle is kinda nice. I spent much of April in Calgary and it was interesting (and frustrating at times) to see how reliant we all are on vehicles. Walking to get groceries? Not always the easiest thing there. But there were some unexpected delights I discovered — a year-round farmer’s market that carried a lot of organic and locally grown/raised food; a small community dedicated to the old bartering system for goods (“Calgary Dollars”); bike paths that are the envy of most major cities; great alternative health magazines. Very cool.

In music news, I’m happy to announce that we’ve released a single to AAA Radio in the USA! “There’s a Train” is being added to playlists in various regions, and I’m tickled pink! As well, Paste Magazine has included The Light Fantastic as one of their Recommended Albums for the month of May! If you’re in the States you can check it out at a Paste listening station located across the country in fine independent record stores (for one near you please check out

Looking forward to seeing you on the touring trail…

Peace and light –