May 2007 0

postcardHi There!

Ahh, England, Scotland Wales. Much fun! Here’s a shot of St John’s College in Cambridge — my dear friend James is studying there and gave us the grand tour.

I was expecting cold and rainy across the pond, but it was baking hot and sunny. Good thing I brought one sun dress and picked up some funky socks 🙂 Many thanks to Mr. Keelaghan for being so kind and gracious as to have me along on this adventure. Played a variety of opening spots – a couple of opening sets even – and will be heading back in the New Year for shows of my own. Only ate clottled cream once, and fell in love with vegetable chips (“root crisps”).

Arrived home to Wpg in time to get ready for the CD release concert. What a wonderful evening it was! Damon Mitchell (New Meanies and Nathan) and Christian Dugas (session player extraordinaire) joined us (Hugh played bass and all sorts of other stringed things, Donovan sang back-up) and we ROCKED the house! The Angry Dads did a fabulous opening set… good food was baked by good friends… new t-shirts straight from the screenprinters… new stickers… AND CBC recorded the concert and will be airing it soon. I’ll keep you all posted.

Well, I literally must run, we’re off to do more shows in the West. Hope to see some of you on our travels! Peace out –