July 2006 0

Hello friends! It’s been tooooo long since I last wrote… Much has happened these past few months, not the least of which is gaining a few new traveling companions! Above you will see pictured my lovely Curry who usually likes to face forward when I’m driving and gaze upon the beauty of the Saskatchewan landscape, but he heard he was getting his photo taken so he turned around. He has terrible posture 🙂

April and May saw me traveling all over the place. After we finished mixing the record in Vancouver I headed out on the road to play some shows on my way home. Visited with many dear friends, made some new ones along the way. I also headed across the pond to the UK to visit some touring folks over there… rainy and cold but quite a nice little break I must say! Explored the English countryside — we were staying near the foot of the Pennines and not far from the Lake District. Beautiful country up there! Had much fun driving on the other side of the road and figuring out traffic circles… wheeeee! 🙂

I arrived home from England to a message on my phone saying the house I have been renting is for sale. ugh. So the following weeks were full of people tromping through my place. Headed out on a pre-release build-the-buzz tour with Hugh McMillan (GREAT shows out West! thanks everyone who came out) and received yet another message saying the house was sold and I had to be out by the end of July. A bit tight… got home from tour on July 6 and leave again on the 22nd… Such is life. Thankfully my roomie and I found a very beautiful house to rent.

Some sad news: a friend from Cranbrook, Doug Erickson, was killed in a strange accident while working on an old mine in Kimberley. Three other people lost their lives while searching for him. Dooger was a person full of light and love and peaceful energy. His home was “home” to many live music parties, concerts and potlucks. The community was shaken when folks heard of his passing. You will be missed, Doug! Thank you for touching our lives in such a profound way!

I will sign off. Hoping everyone is having a relaxing summer. OH, ALMOST FORGOT! The album is currently being shopped to labels and we are aiming for a late fall release. I’ll keep you all posted! Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who has pre-ordered, lent money, cooked meals, hosted concerts… all in the name of keeping music alive!

Peace to you all!