January/February 2011 3

Location recording...

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the new Cara Luft Website!  Heartfelt thanks to all the folks who helped with the site — Wade Kelly, Jeff Carter, Mike Hepher, Lynne McIlvride Evans (artwork), and the fabulous Canada Council for the Arts.

I’m relieved to see 2010 behind me.  It was a hard painful year for so many, it’s time for a year full of hope, promise and light.  I’ve been picking up the pieces of my heart and life, putting things back together again, and it’s all starting to look like a beautiful mosaic… wow…

There were some rays of light in 2010… One of them was the two month European tour I was on this past fall.  I had the honour of touring the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, and joining me on the tour was my good friend and new side player Scott Poley.  Scott and I met many fine folks on our journey, reconnected with old friends, met fans who drove long distances to catch a show, met fans who promoted shows for us, housed us, even fed us!  Heartfelt thanks to all of you!  We ate clotted cream not once, not twice, but 3 times (and I’m still paying for it… heeeeeh).  We had some sold out shows, many full houses and received a slew of A+++ live show reviews!  Pretty awesome…  🙂

South Devon

Some wonderful things about the tour:

– Kai, my German super-fan (you rock!)
– Lee and Jan and their wonderful family in Augsburg (love you guys!)
– Thomas Eberhardt and his family in Neidlingen
– the AMAZING community of folks at Café Castaneda!  Can’t wait to see you all again!
– salads in Germany (sooo yummy)
– hanging out with the fabulous Andrew McCrorie-Shand, and touring his oh so cool new studio space (a converted church)
– Johnny and Anna and the fine folks at the Whitstable Folk Club
– a house concert with James and Anna (James was the drummer in my band waaaaaay back in the day…)
– everyone at the Ram Folk Club
– the Kelvedon community (hope to see you in the fall!)
– Bruce and Nicola and the Lillingstone Lovell community  (my Home away from Home), how I love you!
– Ruth and Gord up in York
– the Poley and Cowley Clans
– Andy and Pam Worthington, my home in Wales
– all the promoters who hosted us and everyone who came to the shows!
– Devonshire Clotted Cream and the Devon Chili Farm  🙂

Cara and Scott on tour - Photo by Tim Burr

Another treat for me this past year was my first co-writing experience.  My dear friend Lewis Melville and I wrote a chunk of great new songs, all of which are being primed this minute for recording! Which brings me to 2011… The new album is coming along beautifully and I can’t wait for you all to hear the final result!  The CD is slated to be ready for listening consumption this summer.  Want to be part of it?  Check out the link on the sidebar…

I want to thank all of you for your continued support over the years.  This new album is for all of you.

Much love, peace and light –