January 2009 0

New year, new adventures…. new songs, new recordings. I’m looking forward to what 2009 has in store! Here’s hoping you have all been doing well, spending time with those you love during this somewhat frantic seasonal holiday. I’m back home in Winnipeg, enjoying the very brisk and sunny days we are having. The snow is beautiful… I often forget how much I love it. The river froze early this year, and folks are out skating. We even have a mini-skating path in our back yard! What fun! Haven’t had that since I was a kid in Calgary…

November and December were good months. The UK tour was fabulous — a huge heartfelt thanks to all of the presenters and audiences who made the tour so memorable. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to the British Isles this summer!

Some of the highlights:

– visiting some very cool historical places (Rosslyn chapel outside Edinburgh, Loch Lomond, the town of Eyam in the Peak District and hearing how the townsfolk quarantined themselves to prevent the bubonic plague from going further north…)
– having lunch with the fine folks from Acoustic Routes in Cambridge (you guys are a riot!)
– staying in the heart of London with the Monsens
– playing the Ironworks in Oswestry — amazing room and lovely folks
– the Ram Club show in London — a full house and fab hosts
– hearing our friend Hector sing… what a voice
– hanging out with Steve the bass man in London
– staying with dear friends Andy and Pam in Wales
– resting at Jacey and Brian’s place… an amazing view of sheep and fields, great movie selection, a big bathtub, lovely conversation, and instant hot water for tea! 🙂
– YUMMY curry in Edinburgh
– the B&B in Glasgow (with the NICEST border collie! I was in love!)
– visiting with Cousin Ian (84 years old and sharp as ever… very funny too)
– finally getting to meat Steve from Headroom Records who had released my “Tempting the Storm” album in the UK (you rock Steve!)
– meeting up with James and Anna in an old pub in the Peak district (James used to play drums in my band back in the Vernon days)
– 4 great interviews with the BBC, culminating with the fabulous D’urbervilles show! Thank you for having me!
– watching the US elections with bated breath… and heading to bed that morning full of relief and hope, not only for America but for Canada and the rest of the world
– CLOTTED CREAM! Need I say more? 🙂

We arrived home with just enough time for a few loads of laundry and then we were off to Alberta. It too was a great trip — a spectacular show at one of my favourite Calgary folk clubs (The Nickelodeon), and then a very cool house/community concert in Camrose. Calgary was covered in snow, so much in fact that we couldn’t leave the city when we had initially planned (the streets were literally parking lots) so we decided to stick around longer and visit more with good friends and family. Part of that time was spent with our friend Mike MacLeod who runs a very cool guitar shop out of his house. And… I now have a new guitar!!! A very beautiful Ted Thompson. I have loved Ted’s guitars for about 15 years now and am very very happy with this new instrument. I’m looking forward to what songs are waiting to be discovered on it…

Wishing you all a peaceful start to the New Year. Here’s hoping Canada makes the BBC news again, but this time for positive news from Parliament Hill… maybe our leaders will start working together and focus on people and less on party politics! 🙂

Peace to you all and THANK YOU for all the support this past year –