Jan/Feb 2007 0

nice smiling banjo holding CaraWow, what a winter so far! I am SO excited about the upcoming release of “The Light Fantastic” on Black Hen Music! Keep your eyes posted to the Concerts section to find out about release shows in your area. I’m ALSO very thrilled to head to Austin for SXSW – I’ve been offered an official showcase slot. wheee!
See us at SXSW 2007!
After the huge snowfall in the Peg on New Year’s, I finally broke down and put snow tires on my car 🙂 What a change! Hugh and I are currently testing them out in the mountains of BC and AB. The tour has been great — many sold out shows, full houses, wonderful audiences, lots of hugs… The only downside is that I have had strep throat for most of the tour 🙁 Thankfully Hugh has been into doing most of the driving so I’ve been dozing against the side of my door, drooling on my pillow 🙂 And thanks to the miracle drug (penicillin) I am getting much better!
Here are some of the highlights of the tour thus far:
– having all the audiences singing “Give it Up” – what fun!
– the food at the Hoo Doo Grill — out of this world!
– trying to have a bath at the “condo” in Fairmont (the world’s most uncomfortable bathtub)
– admiring all of Long John’s nick-knacks at the Duncan Garage Showroom (where does he find it all?!??!)
– walking outside at the coast in t-shirts — hot sun! and then hearing that it was -42 in Winterpeg…
– packing the car: it’s so full to the brim! it’s been quite fun seeing how to create space (and see out the windows…)
– seeing familiar faces in each audience — thank you for your support!
– gargling… gargling… gargling…
We are off to Ontario in 2 weeks — looking forward to seeing our friends and fans out there!
Peace and light to you all –