December 2006 0

mmm, brr. Actually not too bad here in Winterpeg, only -7 yesterday. Almost Chinook weather. Weird.
The final fall leg of our “build the buzz” touring finished up in late October, and was a good run. Thanks to all who came out to the shows, and especially those who brought friends 🙂 and bought CDs! Hugh went off for November touring with James Keelaghan in support of “A Few Simple Verses” which they co-produced, and I am busy with organizing touring and helping people find the right acoustic guitar at Long and McQuade!
We are working diligently on the final final stages of getting “The Light Fantastic” ready for release. Joao Carvalho is working his mastering wizardry on the audio, and Jeff Carter is feverishly making up for lost time on the graphic design. It’s going to be nine months almost to the day from rolling tape in the recording studio to the album’s emergence into this madcap, hectic, very populated world. Funny, that. May she bring light, hope and joy to all who hear her!