August 2009 0

What a marvellous last couple of months; the Netherlands tour was exciting and eye-opening. I really enjoyed doing a radio show in Amsterdam, sitting between fulfilling my role as interlude musician, not understanding a single bit of what the program was about! An amazing sounding language, Dutch, of which I have a very limited phonetic vocabulary.

12 border collies!! A highlight for me personally during our UK tour was staying on a working sheep farm and seeing a team of border collies work shifting a herd of sheep from one field to another. This was near Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands, where the days are wonderfully long in the summer months. The concert that night was a great deal of fun, many thanks from Hugh to an Australian PA technician on vacation for his mixing advice!

I’ve got some shows out Alberta and BC way coming up next, including a headline spot at a festival in Prince George BC and a sold-out concert in Canmore AB. Looking forward to reconnecting with some new material! Hope everyone’s summer is wonderful!

Peace and light –