April 2006 0

Hello friends! The sun is finally out, warming up the earth and I am LOVING it! So much to write about and share with you all. The new record is almost done and I am completely overjoyed — what an incredible experience it has been! Neil (who produced) is quite a phenomenal individual and one hell of a producer, what a treat it was to work with him. And the extended team couldn’t have been better – such amazing musicians, all incredible folks, working at Private Ear was great (such a comfy space). My dear friend Gina (aka Guitar Boy) was at the studio every day providing much support and encouragement, and basically looking after all of us (she makes great tea!). Here’s a silly pic of Neil and I playing the piano. hee hee

After a few days off I headed out West in my wee car and wouldn’t you know I went off the road in a freak ice storm. But all is well — the car makes some funny noises now but it’s still running! 🙂 I stopped in Sask to see the nuns, Canmore to see the Fricot’s, Chilliwack to see the Klassen’s, then Vancouver to see Doma and play a showcase. It’s great to be back on the coast, soaking up the sun (and all the flowers and greenery!), getting things all ready for the final mix next week. Neil and I are still having fun (who would have thought making a record could be so much fun?!?!), we’re both looking forward to working with Warne Livesey (mix master extraordinaire).

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has shown such immense support for this new album. The budget is not quite met so if you would like to hop on board as a Charter Subscriber and pre-order a copy of the CD, that would be most spectacular! Feel free to email me about that or read the information I have posted (check out the News section for a link).

I have some shows coming up on my long drive back home so check out the concerts page and hopefully I will see you in your area soon!

peace and love – Cara