Apr 2008 0

Spring is here! (I think… I hope!) I spent part of March and April in my hometown of Calgary where every kind of weather swept through town (more snow in April than they had all winter). Weird. It was great to see friends, discover new haunts, visit old ones, and help paint a classic 70’s house. Check out the photo 🙂 If only they still made wallpaper like this! One of my favourite people in the world is back home in the Peg — the fabulous Gina Mount! Speaking of favourite people… I stopped in Wilcox, SK on may way home from Alberta and had a most lovely visit with Sister Vicki. She even gave me a backscratch before bed. Ahhh, it was glorious.

Upcoming shows… Hugh and I are off to Holland for our first tour there, starting the end of May. The summer will be busy for both of us — summer festivals, Spirit of the West shows (it’s their 25th this year!) and hopefully a bit of lake time with friends.

Wishing everyone a fabulous spring, full of bike rides, good food and lots of sun! Peace and light –