Action – Street Team and House Concert Info


Are you interested in having Cara come perform a concert in your town/city, or seeing Cara perform at your local music festival?  You can help by contacting your local live music promoter/arts organization/music festival and ask them to invite her!  Send Cara an email to let her know who you’ve contacted and she’ll send you a special un-released song to say THANKS!  Cara is a touring warrior and would love to come play in your community.


Would you like to get a complimentary ticket to a Cara Luft show in your town or city and a complimentary Cara Luft CD?  If the answer is YES, then how about being part of the Cara Luft Street Team?

Cara is always looking for nice folks like yourselves for the following duties:

1. Promotion – hang posters in your town or city.   Posters will be mailed to your home.   You then place the posters in record shops, café’s, boutiques, on bill boards in live music venues, community event boards, or anywhere else other music or event posters are hung.   We’ll even send you some tape!

2. Merchandise – sell Cara Luft Cd’s and merchandise at the show.   You would set up Cara’s CD and merchandise table display and sell the merch to the audience when the doors open, during and after the performance.   We’ll even supply you with a cash box to put the moola into.

If you would like to do this simply email cara[at] and write CARA LUFT STREET TEAM in the subject line.   Then write a short email detailing what duty you can do.  Make sure you supply your mailing address, home or cell phone number, and full name.  Thank you!!!



House Concerts are a unique way to have Cara come perform in your community.  In the days of chamber music, 200 or 300 years ago, people would gather in their drawing rooms or salons to listen to live musicians. It was a way to get together with friends and, at the same time, to be introduced to artists and their work. It was a time when involvement in the arts was a part of everyday life. Today, most of us are accustomed to concerts where the performer is inaccessible, so the experience of a private concert in an intimate setting provides a refreshing contrast. House Concerts are unique events. The audience is close enough to see the details of the artist’s performance or hear the artist’s fingers attack the strings before they hear the sound of the notes. Not only can the guests see the performance better, they also have multiple opportunities to meet and mingle with the performer.

Why are House Concerts so great?  They’re fun!  They take a common social gathering to a whole new level. Since most people have never been to a private concert in someone’s home, your guests feel they are part of something special. The concert provides a unique focus to the evening with plenty of time to socialize. The intimacy and warmth of the experience enchant most people who attend.

Many hosts find that House Concerts are a tangible way in which they can support the arts in their community. Your guests don’t have to dress formally or make large contributions. They simply get to enjoy the artistry of a new talent in the gracious setting of your home.

The growing popularity of House Concerts has given independent artists opportunities to build grass-roots audiences. By hosting a House Concert and sharing this unique opportunity with those in your intimate circle, you are making a significant contribution to an artist’s career.

If you are interested in hosting a house concert or would like more information about house concerts, please contact Cara directly at cara[at]