March 2010 0

Spring is coming! I’m spending a bit of time in my hometown of Calgary, and the sun here is amazing… The other day it was +13 and I just wanted to lay on a park bench for hours. Beautiful. Here is a classic February image, from Wilcox, SK.

I’m taking some much-needed downtime, before getting into recording mode. A lot to think about these days… the earthquake in Haiti, how the world came together to help; the disappointment of the Copenhagen climate conference and yet hopeful that change will happen; connecting with friends who have a desire to live in community and listening to their hopes and struggles.

On the home front I have started teaching guitar again and absolutely love it. I’m meeting so many interesting people and hearing their stories. I’ve also been performing at several benefits and meeting wonderful folks through them.

My heart is full of gratitude, for the country I live in, for the friends I am surrounded by, for the fans who come out to the smallest of shows… I am so excited for all of you to hear the new songs! More info on the new album coming soon 🙂

May the end of winter and beginning of spring be a time of hope for you all.

Peace and light –