Press Kit – Photos, Video, Tech & Festival Info

Press Kit – Photos, Video, Tech & Festival Info


Cara Luft is turning heads with her blend of roots, folk, rock and country music. A true Alt-Roots/Folk artist to the core, Cara honours the roots tradition, embraces the heart of the singer-songwriter, and brings in-depth instrumentation and superior musicianship to the mix. Consistent strong response is bringing her back on return engagements in every region she has played.

Cara has much to share in a festival setting: songs on topics from small town Saskatchewan to boys who ought to grow up, heartbreak and healing, shanghaied sailors and damsels walking through the woods. Some festival workshop topics include: Folkies who like to Rock, Thieves of DADGAD and other tunings, Love is friendship set on fire: Songs about relationships, Girls with Guitars, She Said, What’s the speed of dark? The saddest songs you ever did hear.  Cara has also been teaching various workshops for communities, schools, music camps and festivals.  Workshops include songwriting, harmony singing, guitar techniques and alternate tunings, ensemble performance (how to play in a group/band), and performance techniques.

“Cara Luft was FANTASTIC at the May FAMI camp.  In addition to all of my administrative duties I had the great pleasure of being a student in her folk rock ensemble class.  It was the most musical fun I have had in a long long time.  She has a great way of incorporating learning, both technical musical skills and performance skills, into the class activities without it being onerous.   She was also very good at ensuring the entire class was engaged. 

From an administrative perspective, as Instructor Liaison for FAMI, the single most difficult part of my job is getting instructors to respond with complete information and in a timely manner.  Cara clearly knows how to run the business side of her music career and she was very easy to work with.

Incidentally, it was so easy to work with Cara, and so much fun being a part of her musical world, that my husband and I offered to host a house concert for her following the camp.  Again, an absolute professional and a very very happy audience.

If one should be so lucky as to have a musician such as Cara as a part of an event or learning opportunity, in my opinion they would be foolish not to snap her up.” 

Sheri Brake-Muyomba, Instructor Liaison, Foothills Acoustic Music Institute

Photo by James Tworow