Summer 2010 0

It’s been quite the journey these past few months. I’ve experienced some pretty traumatic events, but I’m breathing and trucking along and am surrounded by amazing friends. And, truth be told, out of tragedy comes great beauty. Songs are flowing right alongside the tears, my guitar and banjo are giving me great comfort. The best(…)

March 2010 0

Spring is coming! I’m spending a bit of time in my hometown of Calgary, and the sun here is amazing… The other day it was +13 and I just wanted to lay on a park bench for hours. Beautiful. Here is a classic February image, from Wilcox, SK. I’m taking some much-needed downtime, before getting(…)

December 2009 0

Time has been flying. The past 3 months have been amazing. September was incredibly warm (the summer Manitoba didn’t have) and saw me cleaning out my office (on the lawn. What better place!) We made a trip to Alberta for a fundraiser and a couple of nifty little concerts. Late Sept/early Oct was time to(…)