March 2010 0

Spring is coming! I’m spending a bit of time in my hometown of Calgary, and the sun here is amazing… The other day it was +13 and I just wanted to lay on a park bench for hours. Beautiful. Here is a classic February image, from Wilcox, SK. I’m taking some much-needed downtime, before getting(…)

December 2009 0

Time has been flying. The past 3 months have been amazing. September was incredibly warm (the summer Manitoba didn’t have) and saw me cleaning out my office (on the lawn. What better place!) We made a trip to Alberta for a fundraiser and a couple of nifty little concerts. Late Sept/early Oct was time to(…)

August 2009 0

What a marvellous last couple of months; the Netherlands tour was exciting and eye-opening. I really enjoyed doing a radio show in Amsterdam, sitting between fulfilling my role as interlude musician, not understanding a single bit of what the program was about! An amazing sounding language, Dutch, of which I have a very limited phonetic(…)