May Adventures… 6

Well, it’s been an adventurous month thus far…  The shows on this Spring Teaser Tour have been amazing, the people I’ve met are incredible… lots of new friends!  Maybe something rotten had to happen to balance out all the goodness, who knows.  I was in Toronto last week doing some work on the new album(…)

The snow is melting, the river is rising, the flood is coming… 2

It’s April and Winnipeg is experiencing quite the transformation. My snow-covered front lawn has suddenly turned to brown grass, the boulevard is covered with sand left over from the snow-plows, and I have a small lake in my back yard. The river rose 2 meters today and continues to rise. Local high schools put their(…)

One month closer to spring… and closer to finishing the new album! 0

Welcome to all of you who haven’t yet seen this brand spankin’ new website! Start by checking out the fun-formative video my friend Alex and I made about the new album (right above here)…  Also check out the previous post, there were some really great folks involved in getting this new website off the ground. (…)