One month closer to spring… and closer to finishing the new album! 0

Welcome to all of you who haven’t yet seen this brand spankin’ new website! Start by checking out the fun-formative video my friend Alex and I made about the new album (right above here)…  Also check out the previous post, there were some really great folks involved in getting this new website off the ground. (…)

January/February 2011

January/February 2011 3

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the new Cara Luft Website!  Heartfelt thanks to all the folks who helped with the site — Wade Kelly, Jeff Carter, Mike Hepher, Lynne McIlvride Evans (artwork), and the fabulous Canada Council for the Arts. I’m relieved to see 2010 behind me.  It was a hard painful year(…)

Summer 2010 0

It’s been quite the journey these past few months. I’ve experienced some pretty traumatic events, but I’m breathing and trucking along and am surrounded by amazing friends. And, truth be told, out of tragedy comes great beauty. Songs are flowing right alongside the tears, my guitar and banjo are giving me great comfort. The best(…)