Fall Adventures… 5

What an amazing past few months it’s been.  I spent all of September and early October overseas touring the UK.  I feel like it is my second home… so many amazing fans and friends and communities of folks — people who put on concerts, drive long distances for concerts, tell their friends about concerts, feed(…)

NewSong Contest, Summer Travels, and an Upcoming UK Tour… 0

What a summer… I played a bunch of shows, taught an amazing songwriter’s workshop, connected with friends and family, celebrated with my dear friend Mel at her wedding (the wedding band ROCKED!), tried sailing for the first time (thank you Scott & Janet!), and squeezed in a wee bit of down time…  Now I’m home(…)

Birthdays, Hometowns, Ginger Beef & Music Camp 3

It’s been quite an adventurous past few weeks.  I left Winnipeg on April 10 and drove to the West Coast, then onto Alberta (with a flight out to Ontario in between), galavanting here and there, soaking up rain and sun and healing up scrapes and bruises and black eyes, singing and playing up a storm,(…)