‘Tis the Season!

‘Tis the Season! 2

Time has been flying by… Summer was full and wonderful, as was the fall. I recently returned home from a stretch that had me playing in 5 provinces and 2 States, with plenty of flights and car travel taking me to and fro. At one point I thought my butt was going to turn to(…)

Summer Adventures…

Summer Adventures… 4

Wow, it’s been an AMAZING past few months!  May saw me doing some shows out West (BC & AB), taking part in a recording project at Mt Engadine Lodge with 5 other singer-songwriters, then heading across the pond for a 6 week tour in the UK (including a performance in Trafalgar Square on Canada Day!),(…)

The New album “Darlingford”

The New album “Darlingford” 7

The new album “Darlingford” is officially coming out in June in Canada!  CDs are already available for purchase at all of Cara’s upcoming  live shows, and for those who prefer the digital version, you can purchase a copy via BandCamp right here, right now!