Annual Carol on the Banjo! 0

Season’s Greetings everyone! I want to wish you and yours the very best at this special time of year.  For some this is a religious and/or spiritual holiday, for others a time to spend with friends and family.  For many it is simply a chance to rest and regenerate.  For me it is a time(…)



I’m sitting in a beautiful cottage in the wilds of Essex with my dear friend and musical partner for the next few weeks, the lovely Bella Hardy.  We’re about to embark on a collaborative tour and are working up material for the sets.  Taking a bit of time tonight to write our mailouts and check(…)

Oh Spring! Where are you?

Oh Spring! Where are you? 2

As I write this, the snow is (still) glistening white, and I can’t see my car.  I keep thinking someone has stolen it, but it’s where I left it, behind that MASSIVE snowbank in front of my friend’s house.  Oh spring, where are you? There’s no better time to go on a Western Canadian Tour(…)

New Year, New Life

New Year, New Life 0

It’s a New Year, and I’m anxious for positive change,  new life, new growth, new ideas, new songs.  2013 was a tumultuous year for me, one that had me uprooted and ungrounded, living out of my suitcase even when off the road, one that had me disconnected from my home & community, mainly because I(…)

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Touring Europe

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Touring Europe 16

Everyone loves a Top Ten list, and while on this most recent 5 week European tour I kept thinking about how lucky I am to spend so much time overseas.  I realized that I will have spent over 4 months this year in Europe.  Crazy…  There are a lot of things I don’t like about(…)

Busy Summer, Busy Fall… Vacation Anyone?

Busy Summer, Busy Fall… Vacation Anyone? 0

What a summer.  It was full on, a wonderful two months, and an incredibly busy and exhausting time.  I met some amazing folks, reconnected with dear friends, performed my heart out and taught a LOT!  My School of Rock class has been garnering lots of interest, and I was delighted to have so many students(…)

REVIEWS!! They keep pouring in…  :)

REVIEWS!! They keep pouring in… :) 0

What a spectacular tour it was in Europe, albeit a marathon one… Thirty shows and now I’m ready to sleep for a month.  I am honoured that there were several amazing live show reviews, and more incredible album reviews keep pouring in (including a review with NO DEPRESSION, the largest online source for North American roots(…)

European Tour!

European Tour! 4

I’m writing this sitting in my friends’ beautiful home in North Wales, overlooking rolling green hills covered in sunshine, the air full of the sound of birds, bleating sheep and lambs.  When the sun shines in the UK, there’s no more beautiful place    I’m happy to be back in the UK, and am looking(…)

Semi-Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition!

Semi-Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition! 2

Wow, I’m extremely excited to share some fabulous news with you all: four of my newest songs are semi-finalists in the International Songwriting Competition!  What a ray of light this is for me, I’m truly honoured.  Three of the songs are co-writes with two very close friends:  Karla Anderson from Edmonton, AB and Lewis Melville(…)

‘Tis the Season!

‘Tis the Season! 2

Time has been flying by… Summer was full and wonderful, as was the fall. I recently returned home from a stretch that had me playing in 5 provinces and 2 States, with plenty of flights and car travel taking me to and fro. At one point I thought my butt was going to turn to(…)

Summer Adventures…

Summer Adventures… 4

Wow, it’s been an AMAZING past few months!  May saw me doing some shows out West (BC & AB), taking part in a recording project at Mt Engadine Lodge with 5 other singer-songwriters, then heading across the pond for a 6 week tour in the UK (including a performance in Trafalgar Square on Canada Day!),(…)

The New album “Darlingford”

The New album “Darlingford” 7

The new album “Darlingford” is officially coming out in June in Canada!  CDs are already available for purchase at all of Cara’s upcoming  live shows, and for those who prefer the digital version, you can purchase a copy via BandCamp right here, right now!

Winter Tours, an Early Spring, & the NEW ALBUM!

Winter Tours, an Early Spring, & the NEW ALBUM! 0

Wow, what a wonderfully exhausting past 3 months it has been. I found myself driving more than I have in quite some time, playing for brand new audiences, finally dipping down into the States for some shows after a long absence, and then finalizing all the details for the new album. I am excited to(…)

New Year, New Album, New Hope…

New Year, New Album, New Hope… 0

Happy New Year folks!  If you didn’t get a smooch when the clock struck midnight (or if you were fast asleep) here’s one for you  This year promises to be a good and busy one.  I hope it has started off on a good note for all of you.  The new album comes out soon,(…)

Fall Adventures… 5

What an amazing past few months it’s been.  I spent all of September and early October overseas touring the UK.  I feel like it is my second home… so many amazing fans and friends and communities of folks — people who put on concerts, drive long distances for concerts, tell their friends about concerts, feed(…)

NewSong Contest, Summer Travels, and an Upcoming UK Tour… 0

What a summer… I played a bunch of shows, taught an amazing songwriter’s workshop, connected with friends and family, celebrated with my dear friend Mel at her wedding (the wedding band ROCKED!), tried sailing for the first time (thank you Scott & Janet!), and squeezed in a wee bit of down time…  Now I’m home(…)

Birthdays, Hometowns, Ginger Beef & Music Camp 3

It’s been quite an adventurous past few weeks.  I left Winnipeg on April 10 and drove to the West Coast, then onto Alberta (with a flight out to Ontario in between), galavanting here and there, soaking up rain and sun and healing up scrapes and bruises and black eyes, singing and playing up a storm,(…)

May Adventures… 6

Well, it’s been an adventurous month thus far…  The shows on this Spring Teaser Tour have been amazing, the people I’ve met are incredible… lots of new friends!  Maybe something rotten had to happen to balance out all the goodness, who knows.  I was in Toronto last week doing some work on the new album(…)

The snow is melting, the river is rising, the flood is coming… 2

It’s April and Winnipeg is experiencing quite the transformation. My snow-covered front lawn has suddenly turned to brown grass, the boulevard is covered with sand left over from the snow-plows, and I have a small lake in my back yard. The river rose 2 meters today and continues to rise. Local high schools put their(…)